Guess who’s back.

I’m leaving this blog officially


I deleted everything I still remember the passwords to except for this blog because it has so many memories on it. I’m not coming back. This is goodbye.


tfw multiple people start talking over each other in an anime and there are subtitles all over the top and bottom of the screen and you feel like somebody just landed a swift triple kick to your medulla oblongata 

i want to swim with you again

I hate you. Keep trying me and see what happens.


Okay but naruto never said that it was “cool” of obito to kill his parents. He was respecting the fact that even after being put through so much, obito was still able to pull himself out of the darkness in the end. He saved kakashis life, he has been trying to help and didn’t stop until he knew he was dying. Obito even said that he deserved to die. He thanked naruto, and said he regretted what he did. If that isn’t character development, then i don’t know what is. Naruto was able to respect that about him, just like I do. So please stop making it seem as if naruto was praising what he did in the past.

I LOVE YOUR BLOG and you <3

Thank you sweetie!

Hatake Kakashi & Uzumaki Naruto

Played your asses